The perfect dress for every figure

Finding a suitable dress that leaves the figure exactly to his right is a spicy task for many women. Perhaps that is largely caused because you are always too strict for yourself; You wonder if your abdominal fat is not too visible, or that your buttocks don’t seem to flat for example. In jeans and a blouse you can like to hide a lot by yourself so mentioned so kindly, a dress sometimes seems to expand them. But be aware that there is a perfect dress for every type of figure!

The apple figure
Women’s bodies can be divided into a few categories. One of the best known is the apple figure. Do you have a round shape and concentrate your weight around your belly? Chances are that you are an ‘apple’. You probably have breasts of average size. To distract the attention of the belly zone, it is best to choose a V-neck. A dress that connects closely at the top emphasizes the slim portion of your body. If you then choose a dress with an A-line again, your belly looks like snow to disappear in the sun!

The Peer Figure
The ‘problem zone’ is lower at the peer figure. You have full buttocks and wide hips. Usually your breasts are also somewhat larger. This makes it possible to seem or your waist is short. Just like with the apple figure, a dress with an A-line does it well for you. Because of this design you make your buttocks and hips slightly less visible. With a dress that is a bit longer of length, you will lead to the width of your hips. Preferably carry Unicolor dresses. Prints and bright colors emphasize what you are labeled as a problem area.

The straight figure
This body type is sometimes called the brick or root. That doesn’t sound flatter, but it is a relatively easy body type to dress. You have a slim construction. Narrow shoulders and hips and little waist. What you want is to create form of shape. A layered dress is the outcome. A layered dress is a dress that seems to consist of two parts, a top and a ‘skirt’. You can also continue more volume ‘fakes’ for a dress that falls tightly at the waist and downwards.

The hourglass figure
The hourglass figure is labeled by many women as the ideal figure. You have full breasts, a slender waist and somewhat broader hips. In short, perfect female shapes. With a few simple tips it is possible to get your figure out even better. For example, a Pencildress, a dress that connects from top to bottom, absolutely suitable for you. Dresses that accentuate the waist also have a smart choice. And with a V-neck you also get fine. Remember that dresses should emphasize the slimest part of your body. Go out oversized dresses!