Build your property with dry flowers? These are the options

They were often put a bit imaginative in an old-fashioned vase and placed at the front door or on a dresser. They never came from that again. This somewhat dusty image has had a fresh makeover in recent years. Dry flowers Experience a revival in modern interiors. They are increasingly popping up again in combination with large glass poles and colorful retro vases. Rightly so! Dry flowers are Hip & Happening. Moreover, you can participate much more than they put in a vase. For example, you can make a minimalist wreath with it. Also don’t have to be hers. Why not a wave of dry flowers against a muscular white wall? Or a flower arrangement of dry flowers in the form of a flower? But you can also list a window or make a strip along the ceiling. There are some different types of dry flowers to choose from. Think of cereals, herbs, palm leaves, cotton branches, flowers such as roses and pampas plumes in all colors. Moreover, you don’t always have to replace them because they do not wilt. In this article the dry flower experts from Flowerfeast tell you exactly how you can park your home with dry flowers.

Don’t let your creativity dry!
It is a bit in our system that flowers should always be in a vase. With dry flowers you can let go of that idea happy! We all know the flower arrangements that we made by stabbing dry flowers in green oasis. Especially around Christmas turns to many schools blocks oasis in cozy Christmas pieces. Of course there is nothing wrong with this method, but for the change a piece of clay and, for example, model a hand and insert dry flowers so that it looks like the hand holds the flowers. Or take a piece of iron wire and shape it to a shape after which you have drained dry flowers until you have a special flower wreath. Or find a rusty piece of corner steel and drill holes in which you put dry flowers. In short, let your creativity bloom and make something special of your dry flowers!