Ladies summer coats: fashionable from the first sun rays

We had to pinch here in our arm when we saw the weather forecast last week. 19 degrees, sun and little wind. That means sun-drenched days where you can sit out of the sun in a shirt. Yes, we robbed a lot and the spring does not seem to wait long. Therefore, make sure you have your fashionable summer jacket in the cupboard on time. We tell you the summer and spring springs in the field of summer coats!

Bomber jacket
The bomber jacket can be sporty. A windbreaker with clear zippers and lots of white accents. We see the colors navy, red, navy and indian orange. We are mainly fan of the sporting bomber jackets from brands such as: Ralph Lauren, The North Face, Superdry and Ellesse. Tough, feminine, functional and rain and windproof. Designers from all over the world know what we need in the Netherlands!

Short denim jackets
The denim coat also doesn’t seem to have been abandoned. We see it in this season in many light colors on the catwalk. Beige, mint green and pink are our favorite. You still wear the denim jacket over sized. And the Koukleum can still go for an inside of light sheep wool.

Raincoat, kimono or parka
Also in the warmer days we see the raincoat – it remains in the Netherlands, the Kimono and the Parka. The Kimono may be mysterious and oriental, while the Parka does not seem to be lost its classic look. In terms of colors, we still see a lot of orange, Dark Olive and Burgundy come back.