6 tips to keep your life sharp

People nowadays working longer, it is the art for yourself and your environment to stay sharp, to constantly deliver quality, without a burnout or other trouble. How do you stay sparkling? A number of important tips from a professional.

1. Mental tranquility
Rest, cleanliness and regularity, the three Rs, a golden rule of health care, applies to everyone. If you are young, you can jump out a bit sloppy, but ultimately it helps to get up at a fixed periods and to sleep, with enough night’s sleep. That’s one side, there is also something like that your head empty, relax. Mental tranquility also arises through care tasks, cooking, gardening, in nature.

2. Physical movement
We humans need a lot of physical movement. It brings oxygen into your blood and helps you relax. Every day. Cycling to your work. Running, exercising, walking, doesn’t matter. It also moves your mind. Tired too long behind a screen. There is a complete and versatile interaction between your movement and your thoughts. Even walking to the coffee machine has already useful. Keep exercise.

3. Biodiversity
Monoculture, little variety, in the long term leads to shortages and one-sided development. That is why it is and fun and useful to change considerably, although I cannot fully recommend that in partners. We will return to point 1, mental tranquility. Biodiversity gives you a varied input and keeps you sharp in the width. Read a book, visit a museum, follow a nice group of twitterers, go with very different people, varied hobbies, vacations, dishes. At the same time, a good way of focusing is also important.

4. Set flexible goals
Rigid striving somewhere, you will break that. But focus is needed and you need goals for this. Here on the one hand, the big picture, a great goal, such as hunger the world out, or every child to school. On the other hand, small, achievable, daily steps, such as every day read something to my children. And you have to be flexible in it. Reading does not manage because you are in a traffic jam for a long time, but then I will tell each other more stories. Is also good for language skills. And sometimes you discover so new roads.

5. Continue to learn
Although as a student I made a bad start, I have continued to learn, courses, courses, until the day today. I have gradually discovered how nice that is, every time new perspective, new perspectives, a fresh approach to what I do. It keeps me sharp. Rut gets little chance. You learn on the edge of your comfort zone, on the border of pain and pleasure. Biodiversity also helps you to learn, always new challenging circumstances.