Guide to the Writing Platforms for the Beginner Web Copywriter

Are you a beginner web copywriter and want to get your hands on copywriting platforms before approaching direct clients? You do not know which platforms to register on? Don’t panic, we web editors have all been there. To help you get started, I offer you a mini-guide to the essential writing platforms for the web editor!

Why register on web writing platforms?
Practicing on copywriting platforms before approaching live clients is a good thing. Granted, you won’t earn miles and cents, but it will give you a chance to get your hands dirty before you dive into the deep end. I myself went through this box, briefly, of course, but it served me enormously for the future. It allowed me to:

· to be faster;

· more confident;

· And above all, to realize the importance of direct customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the main online web writing platforms…

Text broker: the essential
Text broker is the best-known writing platform to date. Many experienced SEO web copywriters will confirm it to you: this is the ideal platform to take your first steps in web writing. It is a reliable site, where you can earn several tens of euros per month. But stop, first you learn copywriting from best copywriting course. After becoming a master of your professional you can follow the next points. So, How to register on this writing platform?

It is very simple. Go to the author area, create your account and write your test text.

Once it has been validated by the Text broker team, you will be awarded a rating ranging from two to 5 stars. Be careful, however: in view of the many registrations in recent months, the platform only accepts authors with 4 stars and more. Are you accepted? Congratulations! You can take your first order and write it. You can claim your winnings once a week; once your request is registered, you will receive your bank transfer very quickly.

On Text broker, you also have the possibility of joining teams and receiving Direct Orders, which are much better paid than traditional orders. To get it, take care of your style, your spelling, your markup, respect your briefings, in short, be on top. You can be sure, if your customers appreciate your work, they will contact you promptly to place orders directly with you.