This way you get more out of your brain, by doing less

“Half an hour continuously working on one task is three times more efficient than three times work” This quote is from neuropsychiatrist and professor Theo Compernolle, who wants to let our brain better function through some bad habits to turn. Compernolle gives four tips in his book so you get more out of your brain, to work smarter, more creatively and more efficiently. Very interesting for our busy business ladies and therefore we would like to share these tips with you.

1. Go offline more often
“If you are non-stop with messages and answer emails, listen to voicemails, checking social media and following news items, your brain nor the time nor the space to process this information, store in your memory, with ideas to play, be creative and thinking. It is of course not easy to go offline: it’s nice to be online, we are curious and afraid of missing something and naturally set up rapid reactions. Whoever has become used to always be online, it will not be easy to stop, but that may not be an excuse. You have to try it. ”

2. Do one thing at a time
“Our brain cannot multitask. If you do it, this has a particularly negative impact on your intellectual productivity. Every task takes more time by the interruptions that the other tasks entail and it undermines the quality of your work. (…) The solution is very simple: radically reduce the number of task changes so that you can become more efficient and intellectually more productive and will have less stress. Working half an hour continuously working three times more efficiently than three times ten minutes. ”

3. Dam stress in with short breaks
‘Stress is a personalized. What causes with one stress can be a challenge or stimulus for the other. We need a healthy dose to function optimally: it ensures that your performance improves, your creativity is fed, push your limits and find your new solutions for old problems. Look for a healthy balance between stress and resilience to stimulate your intellectual productivity. Make it a habit to take breaks of one minute if you get out of balance. You can do this anywhere: at your desk, in the elevator and even during a meeting. In that one minute you think about what steps you want to repair the balance. And stop working on time: turning overtime does not have a positive impact on your productivity and creativity. ”

4. Cherish your sleep
‘Insufficient sleep is an epidemic for public health. A sleep deprivation rules your intellectual productivity and creativity and makes you less happy and healthy. Unfortunately, just consider too many people sleep as a loss of time. 75 percent of people need seven to eight hours of sleep to be fresh and monter from the springs, to come through the day without stimulating agents such as caffeine and to bring important, difficult or complex tasks to a successful conclusion. So take care of sufficient sleep so that you can excel. “