8 Benefits of solar panels on your roof

We put the most useful benefits of solar panels for you.

“It may be an investment, but in the end you benefit a lot.” That is probably the most heard statement about solar panels. But there are many more benefits!

1. A lower energy bill

It won’t surprise you – probably this is even the main reason for your recital – but installing solar panels has a lot of consequences for your energy bill. In a positive sense of course! Since solar panels can generate their own energy, you hardly have to pay any energy from the energy supplier. In the summer it is even possible under favorable weather conditions to provide your household 100% of their own generated energy. For maximum yield, a good installer is of course required, such as the experts of Masters in Solar.

Of course it takes a while before you earned back the investment of the solar panels, but after approximately 7 years an average household is already making the € 1,000 win per year!

2. Solar panels have a long service life
Solar panels have a relatively long lifespan of at least 25 years. If your payback time is 7 years old, make a profit for 18 years!

3. Your property rises in value
Solar panels are not only nice for your energy bill, but also for the value of your house. When your house is connected to solar energy you get a higher energy rating. Your house increases in value because the potential buyer no longer needs to do this investment, but immediately benefits from the lower energy costs.

4. You have a chance of subsidy and refunds
Unfortunately, there are no subsidies available from the government, but you can indeed recover money. You can request 21% VAT on the installation and labor costs. In addition, there are some municipalities and regions that do give a subsidy to installing solar panels. So this is certainly worth picking!

5. Sustainable by inexhaustible source
The sun is simply there every day, whether it is winter or summer. Well, sometimes you might notice little … but the sun does justoeing her work and never touches, unlike fossil fuels.

6. Low maintenance required
In principle, no maintenance is needed on solar panels. After all, the dirt is washed away by rain, so you don’t have to continue the roof. It is advisable to check them for stubborn dirt or damage a few times a year.

7. Salater: earn money with unused energy
Many people do not stand still, but especially in the summer it regularly happens that you generate more energy than you use. Sin? It was not! Because the energy that you do not use can be returned to the net, where you will then recover a reimbursement. The only condition for this is that you need a meter and that a maximum of 3000 kWh is connected to.