10 tips to start the week energetically

Yes, we are back at the start of a brand new week and we are looking forward to it! But how do you give yourself physically and spiritually just that extra boost to get everything out of this new week? Today a number of tips to start the week full of energy!

1. Ensure a good night’s sleep
Consider the eight hours of sleep we need (and that we don’t often get). Do not eat during the last two hours before going to sleep and limit alcohol consumption. Food ensures that the stress hormone goes up cortisol and that hormone must descend and not the melatonin release (sleeping hormone) in the way. Melatonin provides a nice sleepy feeling. Ipad usage and watching television keeps you out of your sleep.

2. Take a cold shower
Good for your immune system, your bloodstream, against depression and you also fall off because you create more brown fat.

3. Refresh your mind through the heart-sun meditation
Place your hands on your heart and move your attention to the sun. Your heart is like the sun of your body, the power source of your life. Stand silent what you are grateful for: the light, the energy of the sun and the part of the universe.

4. Do a few short meditation or yoga exercises
You will switch your attention to the connection to the earth in succession, your own desires, your compassion and heart for your environment, your ability to think clearly, opening up for the surprises of existence. Feel how to combine these five runs in meditation or yoga.

5. Breakfast always
Find out what is a good start to the day for you. Eat with attention. That can be oatmeal, a plate of fruit or bread with egg and bacon. Prefer not too much sugar, because that blocks your energy and makes you bleak. Prefer an orange than freshly pressed juice.

6. Stand your car
Remember at the beginning of the week on which days you can leave the car and you can go to the station by bike, you can take the train or can go to work with a public transport bike. That relaxes and gives a fresh feeling.

7. Relax and enjoy
Put a relaxing music in the car and reflect the nice things on the weekend. What can you do today that is an extension?

8. Make an action plan
Then pay attention to what you are going to do today and this week. What things have priority, what does energy and what stress is to be expected and how can you get overcome? If it is something that you have no influence, accept it.

9. Take a moment
Do you have to get started and call someone because something is emergency? A crisis with your client, a colleague who is sick and must be replaced? Take yourself for yourself for a few seconds and watch your breathing. Put yourself in the rest position and then call.

10. Evaluate your day
Close the day with writing three things that you have done well, three things that you have made laughing and three things that you have learned.